July 08, 2007

New Wheels!

We now have another set of wheels!
Craig has started his new job, which is about 40 minutes drive away on the highway we realised that managing with one car was not going to work, it has been fine so far in the (almost) two years that we have lived here in Canada. The girls are lucky enough to be picked up and dropped off by the yellow school bus, whereas everywhere else we have lived we had to drive them to and from school. Last week I felt a little 'stranded' without the car, especially as it was the school holidays.

After many hours/days searching and procrastingating Craig decided to lease a Toyota Matrix. It is good on petrol, comfortable for the drive to and from work everyday and it is a lovely French navy colour. I had a go at driving it yesterday and enjoyed going back to a manual/standard after a 2 year break driving an automatic. Afterwards I spent a good hour and a half cleaning the Rav4 which is now the car I will use during the week.

We were invited to our neighbours' house for drinks last night, along with another family and we had a great time chatting and laughing until late. My friend Rhonda is a dedicated gardener, she gardens with a passion and is gradually creating the 'perfect' English garden full of roses, foxgloves, lupins and lots of flowers I don't know the names of yet.

Tonight promises to be another fun evening at a BBQ up at the lake. I just love the long summer days and we appreciate them so much more in a country where winter is cold and very long! I can totally understand why some animals hibernate, how sensible of them.

I haven't mentioned my little shop for a while, it is ticking along slowly during the summer, but I expect my sales will pick up again in the Autumn, it suits me as I don't want to spend all day locked away in my sewing room, that's where I want to be when it turns cold again, it is my way of hibernating I suppose. I have attempted to hand sew my little felt animals in the garden but end up losing little ears and tails when they blow away in the wind! We almost lost our gazebo mid week when we had a hurricane wind suddenly come up, it sounded like a freight train outside and we lost our peonies (luckily the hydrangeas are not in bloom yet) the trees lost a few branches and Archie went outside for all of 30 seconds shooting back inside with a wide eyed expression of "what the ....!" I swear I saw the hummingbirds flying backwards. The wind raged for the whole day and then turned to an earie calm, leaving a bedragled looking garden in its wake.

That's my blog news for this week it is now less than two weeks until my special visitors arrive and I am all jumpy with excitement!

Hazel xx


  1. Just so enjoying your blog, Hazel. What a lovely home you have and such beautiful children! My girls are still enjoying some little felt animals I purchased from you, too. :) I will keep peeking in every few days. Have fun with your parents!
    hugs, cheryl

  2. oooh! Watch the wind!

    Great car though. My dad got a new car recently after being without one for about 5 years. I'm starting to appreciate having the convenience of wheels! :+)

  3. Thanks for the good wishes over on my blog. I am super excited to make the move. Now I just have to be patient and wait for September to come around. ;)

    Things in my little Etsy shop seem to have come to complete halt, but i am entirely to blame as I have been in vacation-mode myself!

    Bet you're counting down the days now until your parents arrive, not long now... Enjoy! :)

  4. Love the new title banner, it is so cute.


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