July 02, 2007

Easing into the summer holidays

Hello friends and family, thank you very much for the lovely comments left on my last post :)
It is so nice to have my two special girls at home with me after a busy year at school. I couldn't have asked for better end of year reports from them. Both coming top in their respective year groups with averages of 98%! They got awards in 4 subjects each and Jemma is to collect a special engraved plaque for coming top in grade 10. I am so happy that they have both settled well into the Canadian school curriculum after such a disruptive few years of education in NZ, UK plus some home schooling inbetween. It hasn't been easy for them and I am very proud that they have handled it all and adapted so well.
Craig has finished his project down on the coast and starts a new job tomorrow which is closer to home. We are on the hunt for a second hand car as we have been managing by sharing one so far. It's always a bit of a gamble taking on a used car, so he needs to choose wisely and carefully.
Jemma and I visited a local yard sale at the community centre on Saturday where I spotted a lovely old sewing table (quite similar to Cherry's - tales from pixie wood -->) This one however was not being thrown away :D. I expressed an interest, but although I have always quite fancied one, I didn't actually 'need' it. Anyway the sellers, who live down the street, called in on their way home and said that because it hadn't sold I could have it for half price! It is a lovely piece of furniture and in full working order too and I even found all the attachments and instructions in the drawer along with some vintage bobbins and needles. I am still undecided as to whether to paint the top as we already have too much dark wood in the house with the doors skirtings and floors.
The peonies are all in full bloom in the garden and look wonderfully huge and frilly in white and pale pink, also some pretty bright pink flowers which the hummingbirds are very fond of, so much so that they have been neglecting the nectar I make up for them. Archie has cottoned on and sits in the soil (thinking he is disguised :) observing them for hours inbetween naps.
(Archie doesn't exactly look threatening on this photo!)
Not long now until my Mum and Dad arrive and we are all excited, I just hope they aren't too tired after the long journey to get here.
Summer is well and truly here now with long balmy days and the occasional wild thunder storm at night which clears the air.

Hazel xx


  1. Congragulations to Jemma and Amber:) and to you of course for raising up such amazing children. I don't have a child yet, if I had one, I'd really want him/her to be healthy and successfull.

    I and my husband are both engineers. Hence, we couldn't find a time to have a baby. Sometimes, that really pisses me off. At that times I really want to quit the job and sit at home and so on:)

    Maybe you should write about how to deal with children, your parenting style etc. Anyway I have to do my job now.

    Kisses, bye.

  2. Kathy SonnenbergJuly 05, 2007

    Hi Hazel,
    LOVE your blog, which I visit often. Sorry I'm not better at keeping in touch!
    Congratulations to Jemma and Amber on such a great year :) It take great parents to have such great kids!
    Enjoy your gorgeous summer weather.
    Take care, love to you all
    Kathy xxx

  3. AnonymousJuly 21, 2007

    Great to catch up with your news; hope to have a phone chat before too long....will call when your visitors have left and life is quieter. The drought is well and trully over here with too much rain....flooding in Hastings !
    Regards from a soggy H.B.


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