June 25, 2007

I've been 'Tagged'

I have been 'tagged', actually at the beginning of June but I have only just got around to posting. Moline http://moline.typepad.com/ tagged me, along with a few of her other contacts the deal is to list 7 random things about myself.
Here goes:

1. I met my husband Craig 18 years ago on a plane! We had seats next to each other right at the back on a 10 hour KLM flight from Johannesburg to London.
NO we didn’t join the mile high club!

2. I lived in Norway for 7 years in total in my 20's and can speak Norwegian fluently (well I may be a little rusty now). I used to translate as part of my job, but I don’t think I would feel confident enough to write it anymore. I do love reading some Norwegian and Swedish blogs though just to keep in practice :D

3. My birth sign is Pisces, born February 29th so a leap year baby too. I am quite nostalgic and sentimental, more so as I get older (perhaps this is normal?) I like to keep in touch with all my friends, look through old photographs. I still have these ‘special’ pyjamas that I wore when my eldest daughter was born almost 16 years ago! I just can't bring myself to throw them away and keep them wrapped in tissue paper in a hat box along with some other bits and pieces that have happy memories.

4. I love ‘thrifting’ for special treasures. Particularly vintage items that really appeal to me and I know have potential, I usually know exactly where they will go in my home. Painting wooden furniture is a hobby of mine and I get itchy fingers just looking at something that needs some TLC!

5. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband, two talented teenage daughters and a dream home – my family mean everything to me.

6. A few people in my life have inspired me; firstly my Granny Mary who taught me how to sew and had a great vintage suitcase full of fabric scraps and a huge wooden box of buttons and always took the time to help with whatever craft project I wanted to start. My friend Keriann in New Zealand who has the most warm and welcoming home I have ever been lucky enough to visit, she bakes wonderful cakes and sews beautiful quilts too. My daughters’ who believe in me, give me encouragement and manage to brighten my day no matter how dull.

7. I like to be organised, I write lists all the time and can’t sit still for very long because there is always ‘something’ I need to do and if there isn’t I will find it. My energy levels are highest when I wake up, I am definitely a ‘morning’ person.


  1. Me too! I adore the mornings and am good for nothing after 10pm. There is something wonderful about the promise of a new day. And that feeling comes around every 24 hours!!! Amazing!
    Love to you, dearest Hazel.

    Cherry xxx

  2. Hi,

    I saw the photos you attached to The Corners of My Home- flick page, and then it took me just a few clickes to find your weblog.

    Oh, I liked your home, your style and your designs. I think you are a very talented, maybe gifted woman. The photos are also adorable, I think your daughters are on the way to become photographers:) I mean it literally.

    I'm from Turkiye, Istanbul. I can speak English and Spanish fluently. But, unfortunately my blog is in Turkish. Stupid me, I have to make an English copy of it.

    I'll be watching your blog, take care.

  3. Hi Hazel thanks so much for the comments on my blog about bailey my rabbit,its good to have the photos to remember him by. and yes the willow tree figures are such a good present arent they, they have so many now to symbolize alot of things to different people. I was bedbound (and my friend Jen housebound with the same illness) for over 10 years and very ill so thats why its as if chrysalis was what i was in,and i am now a butterfly.(hence secretsofabutterfly is my blog),love Kat x

  4. Hi Hazel, I sooo agree about Keriann's house. When we first moved to Hawkes Bay and were looking for houses, I was so depressed. Every house we went into was so impersonal with no soul. Then I met Keriann and visited her house and I was so glad that there was some soul in NZ after all.

  5. oh your blog is lovely and your house, WOW I've only seen homes like that in Childrens books, just beautiful


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