June 24, 2007

Another school year comes to an end

Hi friends and family,

This Friday was just about the end of the school year for the girls, both have to go in for awards ceremonies one day this week, but otherwise they are free for the summer! Now it's time to really plan what we are going to do for the next 8 weeks.
It has been a good year for them both academically and for Amber socially too with her group of lovely friends.
Jemma's exams are finally over and she got some great news via e-mail on the last day of school. About 2 weeks ago she was called down to the hall along with about 30 other students from grade 10 and 11 to be told about an Advanced Study Program that is being run for the first time at her High school. It's a sort of ground course in preparation for a University subject and is funded by the school board. Mostly by correspondence lessons, with one lesson a month being practical in the laboratory. Of the 30 students there would only be 5 chosen and Jemma got picked! She will be studying Biology and is very proud of herself and excited (we all are). It requires quite a bit of extra work in grade 11, but what a challenge and achievement to be chosen.

Yesterday we had planned to visit a friend for a 'surprise' birthday party, unfortunately when we arrived at her house she had just had to leave to collect her sister from the airport (a 3 hour round trip) and then we found out the flight was delayed by another 2 hours. Needless to say the party was 'off' as it seemed a little pointless without the birthday girl. We stayed a while, left her a wrapped gift and huge bowl of watermelon balls that I had brought along and we returned home, feeling disappointed. Then the phone rang and our next door neighbours invited us over. We had a lovely time instead enjoying some good wine, snacks laughter and chit chat. The kids all had fun around a small bonfire in the garden organised by the dads, toasting marshmallows and playing hide and seek in the woods.
It was a late evening so everyone else in the house is fast asleep as I write this on Sunday morning. I have to get busy soon with my sewing, as I have quite a few orders to make up and put together for my Etsy shop, which is a little sparse right now.
Ok now I feel a cup of tea is calling so I had better finish :)
I will write another mid week post as I have been 'Tagged' by a fellow flickr/blog member and this means writing a few 'things' about myself. (I will have to think about that one!)

Hazel xx

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  1. Aren't impromptu get togethers so much fun. And don't suprise parties always go astray. Hope you and the girls have a great summer.


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