June 16, 2007

Mum's Visit

My Mum and step Dad are coming to visit us in Nova Scotia in a months time! This is hugely exciting because the girls and I haven't actually seen either of them for SEVEN years!! They live in South Africa, where they have lived for over 24 years now. My Mum also turns 60 the day after she arrives, so a special milestone birthday too, just hope she isn't too jet-lagged.
Jemma and Amber are really looking forward to seeing their Granny and Grandad, they were just 6 and 8 years old on our last visit to SA.
Craig came home yesterday after a busy week working on a renovation project down in Weymouth on the coast. It was nice to have him home again and today we enjoyed a drive to a garden centre, where we bought a cute little perennial plant with tiny white flowers with pink candy stripes,called a 'Peppermint Candy Flower' The pink stripes come a bit later I am told.
My little desk and chair found at a yard sale last weekend is now painted cream and re-covered in some cute blue 'laundry' fabric. Their new home is in my laundry for the summertime. Jemma has already ear marked it as the perfect 'study space'.
Father's Day - Sunday
I woke up this morning and looked out of the window to be greeted by these two visitors: Grazing in the meadow between our garden and our neighbours were two deer! I have never seen them so close before in the two years we have been here, it was so peaceful, with a morning mist in the air, I zoomed in as much as possible but the pic is still a little blurred. Archie was 'stunned' as he watched them, unable to move a muscle.
The girls were woken up by my frantic search for the camera before the deer disappeared. They russled up a breakfast in bed for Daddy on his special day, and presented him with home made cards complete with sweet words. His present was a vintage strawberry sign, which we knew he really wanted from a local antique shop. It was the original sign for an old strawberry farm in the area and now looks great nailed up on the side of our barn pointing to our own little strawberry patch.
We took a lunchtime drive in the sunshine, stopping to eat a picnic lunch in a local park and then relaxing by the hammock in the garden, reading, revising and chatting. A lovely Fathers day.

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for visiting me, it's exciting how far new blogfriends come from.
    Your home looks just wonderful! I've been through your blog, enjoying both your writing and the pics.
    My grand-uncle emigrated to Canada, to Saskachewan, I think. How fun you read Norwegian! I should have written this in my own language...
    Enjoy the week-end!


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