July 15, 2007

Nova Scotia Summer

Dwarf cherry tree planted this Spring in front of the hydrangeas.
Two gloriously hot days over this weekend and we are loving it!
The chipmunks have had babies and are running around the garden, when Archie is safely indoors, the hummingbirds have also produced some tiny offspring and the racoon in our barn has taken her babies down during the night as it was too hot for them, I don't know where her new location is but Craig is glad as she was making a mess, digging up the insulation and pooping on the top floor!

The grass growing has slowed down, so it is more manageable and all the pretty purple and blue flowers are out, lavender, lobelia, pansies and rock cress. The huge white Hydrangea bush is about to flower too and looks so grand this summer.
My last post ended with our invitation up to our friends at the lake. We hadn't realised that they had a family from Toronto staying with them, their children were the same ages as ours so got on really well. Facebook addresses and blog sites were swapped and they may well stay in touch. The 3 girls went out on the lake a little way in the peddle boat, but got chased back in by the pesky mosquitoes and bats! A wonderful Indian meal was prepared by the other guests and it was a very enjoyable evening.

This weekend has been busy with last minute preparations for the arrival of my parents, who I hope will enjoy a relaxing week with us experiencing the very different culture to the one they are used to in South Africa, where they emigrated to 24 years ago from England.

Jemma and Amber saw the latest Harry Potter movie this afternoon and were quite happy to be in an airconditioned cinema while it was 30 degrees outside in the sun. They both said the movie was great.

I didn't do any yard sale hunting this weekend, in fact the opposite by dropping off some old clothes and shoes in the Red Cross bins in the village. I get such a thrill from sorting and throwing out un-needed stuff, especially in my husband's cupboard as he has a tendency to hoard clothes, particularly paint stained ones and even a few with holes in them! Recently he has been able to dress up a little for the office, back to the nice shirts (no tie) and tailored pants, so my timing for a clear out was perfect.
My shop will be quiet this week with just a few listings. The sewing room will be a bedroom for a few days and bits of felt and pins on the floor probably wouldn't be a good idea :(
Well, my washing on the line needs to be brought in and ironed before bed so I will say goodbye for now and thank you for reading.


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  1. Sounds so sweet and peaceful there! Have a wonderful time with your parents! I am so excited and a bit nervous on your account...don't know why exactly...but I bet it is just a whole stew of emotions over their arrival! They will be as charmed as we all are by your home, your darling children and your life, I know. What a lovely place for them to stay amidst the cottons and sweet miniature animals! Can't wait to hear all about the great visit you had. Hugs to you... Cheryl


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