July 23, 2007

Leaving Tomorrow :(

The time is flying by, as I suspected it would, but we are trying to make the very most of the last few days and yesterday was a wonderful one.
It started off a little overcast with a promise of sunny spells later on as we headed off to visit the pretty town of Lunenberg. A quick stop off for a coffee and donut (my Mum's favourite) at a Tim Hortons, or as the locals call it 'Timmies' and we arrived in Lunenberg by 11.30. It is such a pretty coastal town with brightly painted wooden buildings lining the shore, quite reminicent of Stavanger or Bergen in Norway, where we lived with my parents when I was about 11 years old.
Just one of the brightly painted buildings.
Sitting on the pier in Lunenberg

We then drove on to a place we had never been to before called Chester (also the name of my Mums cat, funnily enough).
My Mummy :)
Chester was a wonderful surprise, a very pretty seaside village with sloping grass down to the harbour, which was filled with sail boats and there was even a man made swimming area made in the inlet from the sea for the children to swim in. We had our picnic lunch and spent quite a while there, sitting in the shade of a tree, relaxing, chatting and then walking around the village. Heading home the quick way only took us just over an hour and we felt quite exhausted as the temperature had reached about 26 degrees, but it felt more like 30.
Our neighbours came across for drinks at 7pm and we ate snacks and drank wine in the gazebo until late evening.
Today we are off to Upper Clements Park, a special request outing by Jemma, who will turn 16 on Saturday! The small and quaint theme park is her favourite place to visit and I am sure it will be lots of fun.
Hazel x

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  1. It's so nice when family is around!
    Hazel - I finished the elephant i emailed you about it... you can see it on my blog (last picture of the post).
    Thanks again for the inspiration!


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