July 24, 2007

Final Hours

Today is the day that my wonderful parents move on to the second part of their 3 week holiday. Their flight for Heathrow is early this evening, so today will be a packing and relaxing day.
We are all pretty exhausted after a full day at Upper Clements Park yesterday. The small theme park is in a beautiful setting about an hours drive away. The most scary ride being an old wooden roller coaster, but my (not so little) girls 'still' enjoy visiting once a year. We had a picnic lunch in the surrounding apple orchard and did quite a bit of walking around the park. Included is an animal area, where some indiginious animals were featured, black bear, kayote, racoon etc. The black bear feeding time was at 3pm, we managed to catch it at the right time and found it quite entertaining. They actually sit at a picnic table and munch on oat biscuits fruit and honey!
Amber watching the Teddy Bears Picnic!

My Mum and I braved the rickety wooden roller coaster (just once) and a couple of other rides which were fun, but a little jolting!
Jemma and Amber on the carousel
At the end of the day our next door neighbours' Wayne and Rhonda popped over for drinks with their two children and were able to meet my folks before they left.

Hazel x


  1. Hi Hazel,
    Loved reading about your Mum and Dad's visit, sounds like you all had a wonderful time together. Unfortunately, good time always have to end, and its especially heart breaking having to say goodbye.
    Thinking about you today..
    Kathy x

  2. Hi Hazel,
    I loved reading your blog, I am fascinated by people that emigrate was it a hard decision? My boyfriend and I constantly talk about the possibility of doing it. Your life looks beautiful.
    Mandy x


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