July 26, 2007

Back to Normality

My goodness what a busy week we had! So many things we wanted to do, in just a few short days. A memorable week that hopefully my parents will look back on and smile, I know that we will.
We ended their visit to us with a family meal out, no dishes for me :D. We went to Boston Pizza, a local restaurant with friendly service and excellent food. It lightened the obvious sadness that hung in the air and helped a little as we said goodbye. Craig took them on to the airport (I hate saying goodbye at airports) The girls and I returned home to a somewhat empty house. They will already be at their destination in England, staying with my Godmother Marion and then finish off their holiday with a week at my Uncle Tony's home in Spain, before flying all the way back to Africa.
I will miss them being around and wish that they were nearby, but I suppose we are just one of many families spread around the world for one reason or another. Thank goodness for the telephone and of course the Internet, not the same by any means, but at least it is communication at the touch of a button.

This week I will be concentrating on stocking up my shop, which has been neglected recently, as well as enjoying the summertime with my girls. Craig is back at work after taking some time off and Archie is acting 'normal' once again.

Hazel x

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