July 20, 2007

Out and about with my parents

There is so much we want to do over the days that my Mum and Dad are with us, but so little time! Yesterday was a quick change of plan, as Craig's crown came off one of his back teeth :( This meant a quick emergency appointment was required at the dentist during the afternoon. So instead of Halls Harbour I took them to a local 'pick your own' farm while Craig went off to get his tooth fixed up! We meandered around the cherry tree orchard and then through the field of strawberries, picking and munching along the way. Afterwards a slow drive over the North mountain to a gift shop/cafe called Wheatons for a browse.
There was a bit of a storm in the early evening bringing our much needed rainfall for the garden. The girls wanted to watch a dvd in the evening, so we hired a comedy called 'Because I said so' with Diane Keaton which was fairly lighthearted, a bit if a 'chick flick'.
This morning just us four grown ups drove through a few of the local towns including the University town of Wolfville and Kentville before coming home for lunch. As I write this Mum and Dad are taking a slow stroll up the mountain where they may well find a groundhog or a few chipmunks, hopefully not a bear though!
Hazel x

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