June 04, 2011

Sipping some of David's Tea !!

To remember my last visit to Halifax, staying with my daughter Jemma we took a little afternoon walk up the road to a delightful tea shop called David's Tea.  I had passed this venue by on many occasion mistakenly thinking it was just a shop selling ceramic tea pots and cups and didn't realise there were a few seats inside!!  
What a lovely surprise when we entered and discovered a wonderful choice of delicious sounding teas to choose from.  The shop was laid out so neatly with a large array of items to purchase all The menu was quite mind boggling, with names like 'Three Wishes', La la Lemon', Butterfly Jasmine' and 'Jumpy Monkey' !! The lady behind the counter was so friendly and we finally came to a decision.
Jemma chose the organic 'Creme Brulee, while I opted for the 'Mint Chocolate Rooibos'. Both proved to be good choices and were delicious.  We sat and chatted whilst sipping and watching the shoppers on Spring Garden road go by.  Before leaving I bought a bottle of Organic agave nectar, a natural liquid sweetener that looks similar to honey. I am unable to have real sugar with GSD, so it will be a nice alternative to Stevia in my drinks.  

In keeping with the tea theme I would like to share some related finds on Etsy:
This sweet teacup ring is from Jennifer's shop Bellehibou  
I added this print to my favourite items a while ago by Joojoo

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