May 07, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely Mum's out there!!
My own mum lives so far away in South Africa and I do wish I were spending the day with her of course.  However, being a mum myself with two very sweet daughters I shall no doubt be enjoying a special day at home tomorrow.  Jemma is coming home on the bus this evening and has taken Monday off work to spend some extra time with me.  Craig will be running her back into the City in the afternoon, where he also has a job interview lined up (fingers and toes crossed).  
Before I show you my own latest Etsy listing here are a couple of shout outs for some recently added items in my 'favourites'  
Thanks to my recent involvement in 'circles' I get to spot some different and new items that other etsy sellers and buyers add to their favourites and I look forward to seeing what new activity each day brings.  I am even getting added to other peoples circles so it's all good.
This shop Homestead Treasures sells beautiful hand stamped cotton trim in shabby chic and Parisian styles, I am thinking or ordering some to use as tie backs for my curtains. 

Here are my own little Mother's day gifts and sweet home made cards from Jemma and Amber - thank you girls xx


  1. Enjoyed the links Hazel - thanks. Your cake toppers are very cute too.

  2. enyoed them too! lovely image...keep calm and dream tea :-) Happy new week!


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