February 02, 2011

Romance for some in February....

Ahhh the month of February with the promise of romance, hearts and love......   
Seems like a few people are making plans for Spring weddings according to a couple of special request orders recently in my Blossom Hill Cottons Etsy shop.
This wedding cake bunting was fun to make using bright tropical colours in fuchsia pink, mandarin orange, lime green and lemon.  Two sets of fruity flags to adorn a cake or two in New York sometime soon.  
The second wedding request was to make up a couple of deer as cake toppers. My client wanted a Stag and Doe that would stand proudly and convey a sentimental special personal meaning.  
It was fun to firstly use my tiny fawn original 2" scale paper pattern as a guide, adapting it so the she would have legs (normally my fawns are sitting) and then enlarging to the required size before making the two forest friends up in different shades of brown felt with antlers on the Stag of course.  They were carefully packaged and shipped to New Jersey.
I do enjoy the little stories that go along with my creations, it makes every little snip and stitch all the more special  :)
With love


  1. Oh Hazel, they sre just gorgeous ! Tropical bunting - how cute and colourful.

  2. Gorgeous Hazel, I am so annoyed at the moment I have purchased a few of your little animals a couple of years ago & put them away for the day I have grandchildren & now I cannot find them anywhere Grrr I am hoping they turn up one day & I didn't accidentally throw them out in a clean up !! Have you ever thought about selling your patterns on Etsy I would love to have a try at making them ? have a lovely day.


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