January 23, 2011

January and I am loving my new Calendar

Firstly, a rather belated Happy New Year to you all!!!

Not long left of this month, as we have been catapulted into the snowy season. 
I always look forward to opening up a nice crisp new calendar on January 1st and hanging it up in my kitchen.  This year I was rather slow off the mark as I was determined to find a calendar by Judith Glover. I had to hunt high and low to find one and it turned out to be quite a challenge.  I have had one of Judith's calendars up in my kitchen for the past 4 years. Her pretty illustrations are so uplifting and in keeping with my country farmhouse kitchen style.  The very first Note Nook calendar I had was invaluable for keeping little notes and cards as well as a few odds and ends in a handy place.  
When the end of the year came I neatly cut off the little envelopes at the bottom and continued to use them as a sort of filing system in my sewing room (a little bit of creative recycling).  
Last year I had a calendar in a different design in the form of a family organiser which also worked out well with each of us having our own column for various activities and appointments.  With Jemma away from home I was still able to keep a record of what she would be doing on various days of the week while she was studying and working in the city.  
Anyway, this year after searching in all the local book shops and calendar stalls at the malls I couldn't find a single one.  The websites weren't much help either with many in the US unwilling to ship to Canada (go figure?)  Sometimes I feel like we are living in the attic above the house where the party is going on, but without an invite (an analogy I heard recently on the radio) often very fitting with regards to the relationship between the US and Canada.  (not trying to offend any lovely Americans here) It is just a generalisation you understand.
Finally I did manage to track down a copy of Judith's Chelsea Market Note Nook    calendar on Amazon.ca.   The postage cost ended up being more than the actual calendar, due to the unnecessary enormous box with padding that it arrived in! 
I am really pleased with it, so it was worth the wait and it now hangs in it's rightful place by the window in my kitchen.


  1. Hi Hazel - thanks for your comment and yes, I love the new look of my blog too. Very pretty calender and you matched your post with it too - blue letters.

  2. Hi Hazel,
    How wonderful to find your very kind words about my calendar - thank you sooo much! Means a lot to me b/c just yesterday I was told by the US publisher that they have 'changed direction' and will not be featuring my work for 2012. So your words are even more appreciated.
    Really pleased to see how busy and creative you are yourself and your house is a dream...


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