November 07, 2010

'"It's a rather blustery day", as Pooh would say!

My darling husband Craig has a love/hate relationship with the weather at the moment.  Having been bombarded by torrential rain and wild winds (no complaints about the double digit temperatures) over the past couple of days, made me think of the lyrics to Winnie the Pooh's song .  Poor Craig is forever running out to the barn and up to the attic to check for leaks!  Luckily only one was found needing a bucket to catch the drips.  Two days ago there was an almighty crashing sound in the driveway as the metal chimney cap took off, rolled down the driveway across the road and ended up in the corn field.  It looked like a battered old hat by the time Craig managed to retrieve it!!  He has since bought a replacement, but finding someone crazy enough to climb up on the roof to install it could prove to be a bit tricky until the wind and rain die down a bit!  On the other hand he does enjoy driving out and observing the overflowing rivers and streams by going on a 'flood watch' as well as keeping track of the happenings all over Canada on the weather channel. 
Being unemployed at the moment after the company he worked for was restructured, he is a state of limbo, whilst looking out for something new to get his teeth into.
We have been in worse situations before, so are remaining calm and patient.  This has lead me to get active on Kijiji, a local site, where I have been listing all sorts of things for sale in an attempt to 'downsize' in preparation for moving to a smaller home in the next couple of years when Amber finishes high school.
English Antique crockery, old suitcases, woolen blankets from the Cotswold's and even a vintage sewing machine have gone to new homes in the valley recently.  My heavy oak framed mirror is still listed for sale and with a bit of luck should get snapped up soon. 


The Etsy shop is ticking along nicely with Christmas orders coming in including special requests for new animals and personalised pets and my mind is constantly trying to come up with new ideas in a competitive on-line craft market.
Now, as I head down to the basement, what else can I find to sell.........


  1. Funny thing Hazel is that we have had really blustery weather here too even though its spring for us of course. In fact we had a pretty cold and rainy winter and here we are today, in early November with an overcast 16 degree day. Summer has to come soon. Had a look at your Etsy shop - lots of gorgeous things and I am so glad it has picked up. Love the Berry Heart!
    Cross fingers that Craig will find something soon - hard times for so many people in this post financial crisis world.

  2. I LOVE the dishes. SO MUCH!! I'll be on the look out for more of them as well. Thank you!!! :)


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