October 31, 2010

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere !!

The Canadians certainly do enjoy the Autumn, particularly Halloween. There are pumpkins literally everywhere!!  Fields full of them, as well as pumpkin people, pumpkin decorations and of course pumpkin pie.  From memory, it wasn't really a big deal back in England or in New Zealand come to think of it.  Here in the valley however, remote as we are, we do get one or two visitors come October 31st, looking for some treats.  
Jemma was home with us for the weekend and Amber fancied doing a bit of pumpkin carving, so they drove down the road to a farm stall and bought a couple of suitable specimens to hack away at!  

Amber downloaded a bat template from the internet and Jemma drew freehand onto her pumpkin.  After lots of experimentation with various sharp implements they completed them.
In the meantime I had salvaged the cut out bits for dinner, as well as the seeds. These I  rinsed, tossed in some olive oil and roasted until they were golden brown. They make a great addition to salads.  
Once it started to get dark our first little visitor arrived, so cute in her little red devil costume, jumping up and down with excitement she chose a chocolate bar and headed over to the next house with a big smile.  

Jemma has now gone back to Halifax with Daddy this time while Amber and I are home alone to keep the fire going this evening.
This weekend we remembered our little Archie, who left us this time last year.  I said a few words to him under the tree.  It still don't feel ready to get another cat yet, but maybe one day.

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  1. Halloween looks like a fun time over there. Love the look of the roasted pumpkin seeds. And the beautiful photo of the beautiful Archie. I can feel how much you miss him.


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