June 17, 2010

A hunting we did go....

It was all go on the apartment hunting front this week for Jemma and I.
Heading into Halifax early Monday morning we stopped at Brian's house and he kindly volunteered to do the inner city driving and parking, while we managed to view several different bachelor apartments (otherwise known as bedsits in the UK). It took me back to my flat hunting days as a single girl in London as we viewed the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Or perhaps that should read the Tiny, the Messy and the Mouldy!! With a tight budget to stick to and a location radius within a 15 minute walk to the University, our options were limited, but we hoped we would be lucky.
Our favourite by far was a neat, plainly decorated first floor unit in a 1920's building close to Spring Garden, a popular spot in downtown Halifax. This was the only one Jemma liked enough to apply for, in the hope of being chosen amongst several interested applicants. The caretaker who showed us around was a friendly lady and the building was well maintained, warm and secure. Fortunately our wait wasn't too long and today Jemma heard that she will be able to move into on July 1st! She is thrilled to be out of residency and very excited about the new independent chapter in her life.
On Saturday Jem and I, once again (well I have to make the most of her month at home) were busy selling our unwanted items at the Port Williams community yard sale. Friends Bridget and Kirk, who live on a housing estate in the area kindly offered us the use of their driveway and we managed to get rid of plenty of things. The day was glorious and brought out lots of happy customers with their money to spend. I didn't intend to go home with anything myself, but couldn't resist a chandelier that a friend was selling. Not sure quite where I am going to put it, but it is rather lovely, especially when I give it a coat of paint at some stage. A future blog post topic perhaps. On the way home we decided to see the matinee showing at the cinema. We watched 'Sex and the City 2' a typical chick flick. We had the whole cinema to ourselves, which was hilarious!!
Another project since my last post was this very sweet desk I spotted for sale in someones front garden.
It was only a few dollars. Once the holes were filled and the surface had been sanded and primed it painted up a treat. Now I have a perfect place to start my next Interior design unit, which involves quite a bit of measuring and drawing.
No need to clear my sewing desk each time I want to write now.
On the sewing side of my craft room I had another project on the go. I was asked to make up some special curtains for my dear friend Terri. She runs a Tea Room along with a gardening school, yoga classes and now offers holistic treatments too, she even writes a blog as well as being active on facebook. The floor length curtains were made up in a pretty Laura Ashley cotton fabric called Morning Glory and they help pull together the relaxed fresh summery feel to Terri's new Holistic room.
Our garden is blooming in a palette of purples, blues and pinks; the hanging baskets of lobelia are trailing nicely, the bright blue stocks stand tall, purple flowering chives and lavender as well as some pretty pink weigela flowers that the humming birds enjoy.
Hazel x


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  2. Love it Hazel! I have the measurements for you for the little window!!!! 39 X 24 inches.
    Now all I need to do is get the fabric to you, its hard to leave this Hotel California where I can check out anytime I like, but never leave!! Glad all the city stuff has been sorted out for Jemma.

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  4. What a beautiful piece, it's exactly the type of thing I'm looking for over here in the UK! Take a look at my blog for my first venture into creating http://hummingbird9.blogspot.com/ I am truly inspired! xx


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