May 19, 2010

Tweet Tweet....

I haven't gone over to tweeting on Twitter (not yet anyway). With my blog, Etsy, flickr, skype, msn and facebook, I think I have enough to keep up with!! The twittering here is to announce that our dear little hummingbirds have arrived for the summer - yay!! So far just one bedraggled looking male and a rather sprightly looking female! They appeared on schedule May 11th, and have been guzzling on the rich sugar nectar in the strawberry feeder pretty much constantly. Yesterday I went out and bought the customary hanging baskets full of blue trailing lobelia which our wee feathered friends also enjoy feasting upon
Continuing on the same birdy subject, I had a request over the weekend from a lady in California to make 5 tiny felt ones for her daughter. I decided to add a little extra touch to the Cardinal, so he sports a little Mohican hairstyle (or crest) After making the basket liner for my car-basket last week I went on to make another one. Using a remnant of cream linen with a red 'toile de jouy' design. I have so many bits of fabric that I have collected over the years and never know quite what I am going to use them for until the time is right.Finishing off with something Craig said that gave me a lump in my throat.
He asked me 'not' to mow over the little patch of grass where we buried dear Archie under the tree in the garden. When I asked him why, he said he likes to carefully trim it with a pair of scissors because Archie was always scared of the Tractor Mower.

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  1. hello Hazel!

    Yes I know what you mean about trying to keep up with todays info-mania! I can only handle a few venues myself like flickr, facebook (I'm not even good about it), Etsy, all of my blogs etc! it's amazing any of us have time to eat real food and hug family and friends : )
    Love your bird series! Just darling!


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