October 30, 2009

We will always love you Archie

Nothing can prepare you for the heart wrenching pain of losing a family pet.

My eyes are raw from crying and my heart feels like it has been shattered into a million pieces. Our very special cat Archie was tragically hit by a car yesterday and his injuries were so bad that we had to make the hard decision to have him put to sleep. 
Archie came into our lives in 2003 when we lived in New Zealand he was just a tiny 7 week old kitten that I could hold in one hand.From day one he craved affection and gave an abundance of love in return. Crawling up on to us at any given time for a cuddle, to nestle down, purr and have nap.
There was no question that he would come with us when we decided to leave NZ and head back to England the following year. We had to leave him behind with a friend for 6 months due to the rabies requirements, having microchiped him, had all the necessary vaccinations and filled in endless forms, We chose this option as opposed to the alternative of having him put in quarantine. The 6 months seemed like forever, but when he finally joined us after the long wait and ridiculously long flight, there was no doubt at all that he was pleased to see us again. Nuzzling up to each of us in turn, it was as if we had never been apart. Anyone who says that cat's aren't loyal should have met little Archie. Due to unforeseen financial circumstances our stay in England was short and we were forced to move once again, this time to Nova Scotia, Canada. Luckily because of the paperwork and formalities already completed we were able to bring Archie over just a couple of days after. 
He arrived well in advance of our belongings, which took 4 weeks to get to us! He loved the land around our property and outdoor life we had chosen, exploring the garden, running in the orchards, climbing the trees and enjoying the fresh air and space during the day. He never objected to the routine of being brought indoors at night for his safety and happily watched the nocturnal activities from his vantage point at the window of his own little room every night. Having encountered skunks, raccoons and the feisty cat next door over the years here, with only minor injuries. I hoped he had a few more of his 9 lives left. 
Until yesterday, when my world came tumbling down as I heard him crying outside on the deck. In a state of extreme shock, dragging the crumpled lower half of his body my heart was wrenched with emotion and love for this poor helpless animal. I will never know how on earth he managed to get from the road to the house, but he came home to us for the last time. 
The vet who treated him was nice, but with internal injuries so bad and broken bones the kindest thing to do was to put him out of his pain and suffering sooner rather than later.
I can't ever imagine getting over the loss, I miss him every minute of the day. I keep expecting to see him in his bed, at his window, by my feet, watching me sew or sniffing the cat nip growing in the garden. He has been my companion in the house every single day that we have been here in Canada and part of the family for such a long time.
I hope that somewhere he is enjoying a new kind of freedom, this time with wings and that he will remember the happy life he had here on earth as part of our family.
 Sleep peacefully Archie xx


  1. Oh Hazel :'( I am crying writing this. Precious Archie was so loved and loved you all so much. What a wonderful life he had and he came home to you in the end. I'm sure he is in peace. He was such a lucky puss to have you guys as his family, please take comfort in that. My love and sympathy, Kali xoxo

  2. Hazel, sorry for your loss, losing a pet is so heart wrenching. Your post brought tears to my eyes, he was such a lovely cat.

    At least he had a lovely happy life with you

  3. Hazel I am so sorry for your loss of Archie, I could tell by how often he appeared on your blog how much he was loved.It is always so ad when we lose our animals as they do become a part of your family.
    Maybe you could make some tiny Archie cats to add to your little animals you make.

  4. Dearest Hazel, I know how much you loved Archie and it was evident how very much he loved you all too!
    I am so sorry that this has happened, it seems like your heart will never feel whole again. Just remember "cats leave paw prints on our hearts" ... he will always be there in your heart <3
    Take care of your self, Hazel
    Kathy xxx

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about your poor cat. I've got tears in my eyes just imagining how hard it must be for you. My pets are my world, and when I recently found out that my little dog has cancer it was absolutely crushing. I wish you all the best and hope that you can remember the many wonderful times with him. You're in my thoughts.

  6. Hazel, I was so sorry to read this blog. I can really feel your pain and the tears are running down my cheeks as I type. Adorable Archie forever in your heart. x

  7. It breaks my heart... I am so sorry for your loss. Your cat knew you cared for him, he trusted you, which is why he came home. And he would have just drifted away, knowing you were there taking care of him.

    I am a cat lover from New Zealand. I don't have a blog, but I sometimes read yours. We haven't met.

  8. I am so so sorry for your heartbreak.A pain that crushes your chest and keeps the breath stuck in your throat is something I remember too well.
    Archie was obviously well loved and cherished.

  9. I have the hugest lump in my throat, I am battleling to swallow. Losing a pet is so difficult to understand. I loved Little Archie too... he really did go places for a cat. I am sure he has got some stories to tell. God Bless Archie.

  10. Sorry for your loss...I have a cat named Maddie and I can't imagine how you feel. Best to you.

  11. Im so sorry for your loss. Ive been there more times than I care to remember and its devastating each time. Archie certainly was a beautiful cat X

  12. Dear Hazel
    just wanted to send my sympathy to you once more over Archie passing away. I know how extremely difficult it is to lose a pet esp one that has been such a constant companion.these photos show what wonderful memories you have to draw on.
    with love to you and the girls, Kat x
    ps thanks so much for your comments on my blog enteries lately on the illness its feedback like yours which makes blogging and puttin it out there worthwhile


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