October 18, 2009

A is for Apple!!

Being that apple harvesting is well underway in our neck of the woods there has been a hive of activity all around us with plenty of pickers scattered amongst the trees, picking all the different varieties of apples. We wake up to the thudding noise as each apple hits the collecting bin before being tipped once full into a wooden crate. These will be the apples for juicing as the eating apples get collected very carefully in special picker bags worn like a baby carrying sling. There are so many varieties again this year;
Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Gravenstein, McIntosh, Jonagold, Cortland, Ida Red, Cox's Orange and Amber's favourite, Honeycrisp. To give you an idea of the size of the Honeycrisp apples we pick, here is a photo of one taken beside what I would consider an average sized Golden delicious.
Crisp, juicy and very sweet. This year it has some fierce competition though in the form of a new variety from the US called SweeTango .
Because there have been so many apples available I have been baking a few batches of apple muffins, which seem to disappear almost as fast as I can bake them! On the topic of food, we went out for a family celebratory lunch last Saturday, which just happened to coincide with Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Jemma heard a couple of days previously that she had been awarded a substantial scholarship. It will help her so much in repaying the student loan she has taken out for her first year at SMU.
We visited a very posh restaurant at the Grand Pre Winery, the food was delicious and the girls both had fancy deserts that we just had to take photos of :)
A little after lunch look around the winery shop to view the various wines for sale, well there's no harm in looking!
Monday brought some more good news, this time for Amber. She has been chosen to play the lead part of Alice in the school production of Alice in Wonderland!
She is so excited and just a bit nervous at the prospect of learning over 300 lines off by heart over the next few weeks!! I expect that once she gets into the swing of reading the script along with her fellow drama students, she will feel more confident.
On the decorating front, after finishing the laundry room we moved into the adjoining mud room, otherwise known as Archie's room. Previously painted a moss green colour. It's the little room he sleeps in at night and watches the nocturnal goings on outside from his vantage point beside the window. No prizes for guessing my chosen colour scheme :) Craig and I worked as a team to finish off this little room last Sunday, I am still working on sewing the curtains.
Ahem! some of us take our painting quite seriously!!
Well, that's an update for this week. I can report that it is getting decidedly chilly outside though. There was even a threat of snow earlier in the week. Shock, horror and it's only mid October!! It wasn't so bad, more of a frost really, but it is coming soon I can tell.
Hazel x


  1. what a wonderful week of news! i love apple season, and driving through the orchards...the aroma of apples in the air is heady! i can't get over the size of that 'whopper'. it's a beauty and almost doesn't look real.
    congratulations to both your beautiful girls :)
    i can't wait to see the new reno you're working on, i bet you two are a great team together...hehe...
    loved all the pics, have a happy week Hazel.
    xo, Kali

  2. Congrats to both girls for their acheivements. That red apple is so perfect looking it almost looked fake. I like the sound of all that baking - autumn is the season for home baking that is for sure. Delicious looking deserts and nice to see you all looking so well and glam too!

  3. you made me feel like going out and buying and apple. dont have the luxury of picking such fine specimens from the orchard.
    your young ladies are something and I guess we cannot call them girls anymore can we.
    love ja sis


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