December 06, 2008

Another special birthday celebration

Last weekend we celebrated Amber's 'real' birthday. I say real because she tried an experimental 'half birthday' in June to see what it would be like not so close Christmas time. The outcome was that although she enjoyed the day it just didn't feel quite right. So, with Dec 1st falling on Monday (a school day) we had a special lunch together at Boston Pizza on Sunday. Her present was a long awaited and well deserved Ipod nano chromatic, or is that a shuffle? Anyway it's a pretty nifty looking gadget. I have a lovely green Ipod that has, wait for it..... a total of 50 songs downloaded and no photos (how embarrassing). Amber's already contains over 500 songs !!! as well as videos, images and photos. She absolutely loves music, all kinds from Indie and jazz to the current pop sounds. This is the child that likes to get up and dance as we are yawning and ready for bed!
My other little girl who is heading swiftly towards her 18th birthday in the summer is suddenly seeming very grown up too. With the upcoming semi-prom only weeks away she began a little project and turned this.......
Into this! I would like to call her a 'chip of the old block' but I'm not particularly fond of the word 'old' . She is most certainly creative in her own right and very determined, not needing a stitch of help from me, as she created a sweet little dress that is unique and was admired by her friends on the night.
Both Jemma and Amber had a great time at the school semi-prom dance, Amber wore a pre-loved black taffeta number that had been altered to fit perfectly by her big sister too!
Today it's 6.30 am. as I write this and I have a Saturday off work - yippee!! Why am I not having a lie in you may well ask. I just have too much on my mind and don't want to miss a minute of the day I suppose. Also I was feeling in the mood for writing a blog post :)
My Etsy orders are doing fine considering the little time I spend working on promoting! I have had a few local orders through word of mouth. My friend Mel requested a couple of tiny Westies with the initials BFF embroidered on them for her young daughter and best friend to remember each other by. They are soon to be moving to another part of Canada. I was so keen to give them to her that I forgot to take a photo, so perhaps I will make a couple more and list them as a pair in my shop. Also had a cow request to complete a farm set locally and a custom brown bunny using my guinea pig pattern!
Traditionally the weekend following Amber's birthday is decorating time! This morning Craig is going to collect the tree they picked out last weekend and after a quick shop for groceries I shall return for a family tree decorating afternoon, which I shall endeavor to report on next weekend if I get the chance.
Hazel x


  1. A belated "Happy Birthday!" to Amber. Glad she now has her cool Ipod and is making good use of it :o)
    Stunning dresses by Jemma, they both look lovely. A talented seamstress, like her "old" Mum hee hee!
    Glad your little Etsy critters are in demand once more :o)

    Hope you all enjoyed your festive afternoon trimming the tree.
    'tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la.

    Lots of love
    xx xx

  2. your girls are so talented.
    Happy Birthday Amber!!!!
    Dont you just love Xmas time?/

  3. Happy Birthday Amber - both you girls look great in your prom dresses. Glad you are still making little treasures Hazel.


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