August 07, 2008

Yummy Blueberries!!

The blueberries are now ripe and ready for the picking!
Amber and I went for our first visit this summer to the 'pick your own' blueberry farm, which is just a 3 minute drive away. Normally I manage to control myself, but they were so juicy and tempting I lost track of my 'tasting' and ate a few too many thus confirming that purple lipstick is really not my colour! It was fun to be amongst other eager pickers in the early morning sunshine. We collected two punnets full, most of which have now been measured into little bags and put in the freezer for later. Of course I left a generous bowl on the table for Craig to nibble on when he comes home from work.
Some other Organic 'edibles' to be found in our own veggie patch are the sweetest baby carrots. When I pulled up this one (or two) I thought of my online blogging friend Rachael.
Cute carrot couple :)

Of course my graphic computer skills are not quite up to her standard but I couldn't resist having a go, just for fun.
The days are slowly beginning to get shorter now with the sun going down at around 9pm. This huge lone and rather ominous looking cloud appeared in the sky the other day. Craig was hitting a few golf balls out in the field and called us all outside to take a squizz, while he took a snap of it.... and gave it the thumbs up too I see :) My little etsy shop remains awfully quiet, but I promised myself that I would not become despondent. I have to remember that it is the very thing that keeps me sane during the winter time, along with my computer, which enables me to remain in contact with my friends. I am trying to sew a couple of animals each day in anticipation of busier weeks ahead. I was however quite upset to receive my first 'neutral' feedback a few weeks ago. A new customer reported on the feedback section in my shop that she hadn't received the tiny puppy I had mailed to her. I quickly made her a replacement for free and sent it with my apologies. The original one did show up, just a little late (I suspect the replacement one did too). By then she had already left her comment in my shop and didn't bother to change the wording. I am disappointed to have my selling reputation slightly tarnished, but am trying not to let it get worry me too much.
My growing army of tiny animals!

Hazel xx


  1. Hazel - your tiny nimals look beautiful, all ready and waiting. I am sure your buyer will adjust the feedback on etsy when she realises what an effect it has.
    I am making Blueberry Buckle this avo to take out to a friend's place tonight. Frozen ones I'm afraid but I could almost taste your ones from the description.

  2. Hi Hazel, I could almost feel your anguish from your 'neutral feedback'. It's a pity she hasn't acknowledged your efforts in trying to rememdy what seems to have been a postal delay! *Big hugs to you*

    Those blueberries do look scrumptious.. I now can't wait for our season to start :)

    And I absolutely adore the pic of all your little animals, sitting ever so patiently for someone to adopt them :D Too cute for words!

    Love to you all xxxxx

  3. Your blueberry picking looks like so much fun. Very yummy fun :o) I went blackberry picking last week, and I had a blast. I ended up with purple fingers and a purple tongue. Good thing, I don't think the lipstick shade would look good on me, either. Your collection of animals is gorgeous. I think that you have a fantastic reputation, and I hope that no one ever hesitates to order from you because of that neutral remark. Keep your spirits high. I think your customers will see all your positive feedback, and that those will outweigh the rest. Have a lovely Friday!

  4. Awww...that's sad about your neutral feedback....maybe send her a nice message and ask if she'd like to "Kiss and make-Up" now that she has received. Not sure if you know Etsy has that option for either person to initiate in case something like that happens : )
    Cheers to you for being such a great seller!
    Have a great day today ~

  5. What a neat pair of carrots! And i'm so glad you couldn't resist giving them tiny smiles :)

    You are a smart lady - busy making your animals for the busier shopping days that lay ahead. I really need to get my act together and give my shop the attention it needs..

    Have a great weekend Hazel!

  6. Hi Hazel!
    Well it's been long overdue for me to pop on over and catch up with you happenings of your Summer months.
    Well it certainly looks like you have been very busy and having a wonderful time.
    Just wanted to lend my support over the unwarranted 'neutral' feedback that was left for you on Etsy. Please don't let it get you down. I wanted to suggest the "kiss and make up" option available as well. Might be worth a try, maybe?
    Your photographs are always terrific and your little animals absolutely darling.
    Have a wonderful week. xo Kali

  7. I love your tiny animals. It is sad that the person did change the comment to positive after she received the other animal. Now she has 2 and you still have neg feedback. Sad. I am sorry.

  8. the army is too cute.......wowo you are busy. I think its time you made one for LUC noi??? si vous plaeu
    he loves all animals, today is whales tomorrow is horse....
    i think he will be a be a vet or a chef????luc p o box????
    255 sun city 0316
    send sis send - o r else!!!!!

  9. hi Hazel,
    i'm glad you enjoyed my post on amy Butler,it took a bit of putting together and was longer than my usual enteries but worthwhile.
    how lovely to hear of all the berries you have been picking!!do you have a gluten free diet for special health reasons? i did a sugar and yeast free diet for 3 years in the 90's to see if it helped me but with hindsight i don't think it did.
    the animals look amazing,like a big ark,all lined up two by two,or in some cases more than 2 by 2!!
    such a shame about the mail letting you down and an unthoughtful buyer leaving that feedback when it wasnt your fault. and she got 2 animlas out of it too!you'd think she'd have returned one, or paid again!

    happy to read your lovely posts,this comment is a bit long!!so will say goodbyes
    kat xox

  10. I love your tiny animals. Each and every one. I plan on purchasing quite a few as we get closer to Christmas, so keep on stitching! :)

  11. You know Hazel, sometimes you come across people who will complain for complaining's sake. Take no notice. She is rude however not to thank you for trying to rectify it. Hope you have made a note to be wary of any future orders from her. The Blueberries look plump & delicious. Love the carrot couple...erm...did you eat them...well...did you? :(
    How happy all your little animals look all saying "buy ME!"

    Lots of love & kisses to all

  12. Ha ha! No we couldn't possibly have eaten the carrot couple! We looked at them sitting in the kitchen for a few days before they got added to compost.

  13. I just found you through another blog and have to say, I love your tiny animals. Can't wait to keep up with them now that I know you are here. Don't worry about the neutral feedback, some people are just...........grumpy. (I just met you and don't want to leave bad words on your comments my first time here.)


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