August 01, 2008

Summer Thrifting

So far this year my finds on the 'thrifting' front have been a little on the sparse side. Perhaps because it's our third yard sale season here and there are only so many 'bargains' a girl can snap up! Craig and I did stop at a couple early last Saturday morning. We met a very friendly lady called Shannon who was selling some of her unwanted items at her parents home in our closest town Berwick. We got chatting and have since visited each others blogs. Shannon even bought a couple of my tiny felt animals!
I didn't find any items of furniture, which I am always on the look out for, just a few small bits and pieces like this cute little recipe book from the 1950's.
I selected some vintage craft books and magazines, which are always fun to look through especially on those cosy winter evenings, if only to laugh at the advertisements.
My shop bought 'Sale' find this week is this pretty candle chandelier. I had in mind the library, above the stairwell as the perfect spot. However, within minutes of bringing it inside the girls had disappeared with a collection of 'props' including my new purchase, to do a little photo shoot under the weeping willow tree!
As for the chandelier, having served it's purpose in a few snaps, it is now hanging in the library thanks to Craig and his diy skills. Quite a tricky manoeuvre, as the sheer drop into the hall below could cause a nasty injury. Securely harnessed by some rope to the bedroom door frame (sounds interesting), he managed to stand on a stepping stool and lean out far enough to put the hook in the tin ceiling. Mainly for decorative purposes I am now on the look out for some smoke free candles, which of course would only be lit when we are in the room. It can easily be reached from the stairs, but I think it's always better to be safe than sorry.
Hazel xx


  1. What a great chandelier! You can find flameless candles around on the internet, or even in stores... they flicker like real candles, but they're battery operated. Might be less stressful than real ones would be. Take care & keep enjoying this beautiful weekend! xox,

  2. Hazel - that chandelier is just gorgeous! Hope you find the right candles. I need to have a yard sale to shift some of the stuff I have collected over the years.

  3. Make candles....
    Sandra Bullock made them for her new restuarant which is completely carbon neutral. Look it up, looked like fun. I think it was soya and it the wick that makes the smoke....have a go.

  4. Beautiful new profile picture, Hazel :) You look so young, gorgeous and happy! I do love the chandelier too.
    Glad to see the girls are still enjoying the freedom of summer...hanging from trees :D
    Take care,
    Kathy xx

  5. Hmm swinging from the chandelier hey girls! :) Another good find Hazel, looks perfect in situ. Well done to Craig for negotiating a tricky manoeuvre to install it. Hope you find the right candles (or make them a la Heidi's suggestion) Like the '50s recipe book too.
    Love,*kisses & hugs*
    T & G

  6. what a great chandelier!! cool that you are from halifax.. I live in charlottetown :)


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