May 18, 2008

Blog Anniversary

Tomorrow, May 19th it will be exactly one year since I began writing my posts on blogspot. The topic of my first post was, wait for it......
HUMMINGBIRDS! Now there's a surprise :D
One of the precious birdies, feeding in our garden this morning
Couldn't resist snapping a quick photo of Archie this morning, the sun was streaming through the window, and of course being a cat he plonked himself in this warm spot.
"Does my bum look big on this?"

The morning was crisp and fresh after a few days of rain and my early morning walk (pre-blackfly waking up) was fun, especially stepping in time to my favourite Ipod songs. Gabriella C., Duffy, Leona, Madonna, Britney and Justin T. I returned a little muddy to a very quiet house. Craig was only slightly later waking up and spent an hour chopping wood with a couple of neighbours.
My special girls surprised me over coffee with cards and gifts for my postponed, but official 'Mummy's day'. Jemma amazed me with a very useful and pretty home made present. It's a special filing system designed for my tiny animal patterns! I am forever misplacing a guinea pig's ear or a squirrel's tail, as the pieces are so small and fiddly. They had been all bundled into a box in plastic envelopes, in no particular order. Normally I am really organized, but for some strange reason this particular element of my business had been overlooked. My daughter is obviously pretty observant.
My new super cute and oh so useful filing system!
Both Amber and Jemma made beautiful cards with very sweet words and I love them both so much.
As if I haven't shed enough 'happy' tears today, we are watching 'PS I love you' this evening, I have read the book so will have a box of kleenex at the ready.
Can't sign off without mentioning that I lugged this cabinet down the stairs from the landing to the kitchen this afternoon. I emptied out my patchwork quilts and linens to make way for some crockery instead. I think it gives the kitchen a more farmhouse country lived in feel.
Hazel xx


  1. Dear Hazel, so glad your "mummy's day" was wonderful, and what beautiful cards and gifts. Well worth a weeks wait :)
    It always amazes me how comfy cats look,no matter where they choose to sleep :D
    The cabinet, you dragged downstairs :) looks gorgeous in the kitchen. So clever!
    Have a wonderful week,
    K x

  2. PS: Love your quirky list! :)

  3. happy anniversary - Blossom!
    tell archie bum - it looks fine from this angle.
    on thursday can you come clean my fridge and oven, then wake up early on friday and do a little painting. I will wash my hair and lie on your lap all day sunday?

  4. Congratulations on 1 year! Your blog is beautiful - I hope you are super proud of yourself. Your cabinet looks perfect in its new home too!

  5. Hi Hazel, awww! such cute little hummingbirds love them. Also love your very pretty filing system. Glad the girls & Craig gave you a lovely Mother's day.
    Your "new" cab looks great, just the perfect place for it hey?!
    Have a fab weekend,
    Love T & G xx

  6. Happy bloganniversary. I love reading your blog, and look forward each sunday for the next installment.


  7. What a sweet and thoughtful gift from your Daughter - It even matches your new blue & white cabinet set-up!

    Happy blog-anniversary Hazel :)


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