March 06, 2008

Is Skype really for me I wonder?

With my birthday festivities over it was time to get back to business again and familiarise myself with the new computer. It even has a web-cam, a very exciting addition, enabling me to actually see my family and friends overseas live - Yay!
Having had my first attempt at using skype with my sister Heidi in South Africa it was a little disappointing because I couldn't hear her. However, I was really geared up for my first chat with my Mum on Tuesday morning this week. Having remembered all necessary steps (being a novice) Wearing a little mascara and lippy, with a pot of tea at the ready I was prepared to 'enjoy' my first conversation and see my Mum's face.
Voila! up she popped, looking radiant and relaxed. She was pleased to be able to see me too and we waved at each other like a couple of kids! Then, I started to speak.... trying not to laugh too much, my Mum, looking a little puzzled informed me that I sounded like a chipmunk! Well, do you think I could work out how to change the 'special effect' settings? No. I had a 15 minute conversation sounding like I had 

inhaled a tank of helium gas!! Of course once I signed off and fiddled with a few more buttons I saw that my sweet daughter had in fact forgotten to change the voice control from 'Munchkin' This high pitched synthesised voice sounds hilarious when she is talking to her friends!! Ahh well, we won't forget our first Skype conversation in a hurry that's for sure. I suppose it can only get better - I hope ?*!
This week has been hectic with my biggest sewing order yet, a request for 30 animals from just one customer. That, along with another two smaller repeat customer orders has meant that I have been sewing like a mad woman. 

My paint projects have been put on hold for a while, in fact so has the housework for that matter, today is usually my thorough blitz of every room, but I think not today! Since moving some furniture around last week I have been looking (perhaps glaring) at a chest of drawers I want to attack with a paint brush so badly. You may be aware of my addiction to painting furniture in shades of white, cream and sometimes even robins egg blue! This particular piece is screaming for a makeover. Just as these projects were a while ago:
Wardrobe before.... 

... and after! Fireplace before .......and after :)
There is so much dark panelling in our home, as well as doors, window frames and dark hardwood floors that it's nice to paint the odd piece here and there. I know that it is not every ones cup of tea, but it is the decor style I love.
I have been banned from touching the banister by my dear hubby, I feel it is a tad too 'orange' myself :D
Today is the start of the Canadian March break. Jemma and Amber will be home for a week and then Easter is just around the corner! Time sure is flying by fast.
Hope you all have a great weekend and week.
Hazel xx


  1. Congrats on the big orders. I think the white is so much better. Its a pity you cant do the bannister, but we have to give a little bit i suppose just to keep the menfolk happy. Have a nice weekend
    Lisa x

  2. I love the white paint look as well Hazel, I have attacked most things in my place with it!

  3. Your home looks gorgeous, Hazel. I love your style!
    K x

  4. I'm cracking up, how funny! (an entire conversation with your mother sounding like a chipmunk). Classic! Great paint jobs, I think you made a good call there. That must have been a ton of work? Hope you got your little animals done?!

  5. LOL a conversation with the 'Munchkin' setting on, too funny!

    I really love seeing all the before and after pics of your beautiful home - and the ways you add your touch, just gorgeous!

  6. What a beautiful home you have and your decorating is an inspiration. I plan to come back.

  7. I just stumbled onto your blog from flickr and have to say that I love the white painted furniture. I have an armoire and bed I'd love to paint and was wondering if you used any special type of paint or had to prepare the wood any certain way first.
    st augustine florida


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