March 02, 2008

I'm a Leapling!!

Birthday treats.

Pretty cards, Gypsophelia , tea light lanterns, a bracelet watch (present to myself) and an Asian pear!!
My friend Keriann in New Zealand heard the term 'Leapling' on her local radio station, referring to people born on 29th February. I had to agree with her that it does sound rather cute. I had a lovely birthday this year. A big thank you to my friends, family and fellow bloggers for the well wishes on the day. Although a mostly normal day, grocery shopping, housework etc. My hubby came home from work earlier than usual and took me out to dinner at a restaurant called Rosie's, where the food was excellent. He also knows that I love white flowers and presented me with a bunch of Gypsophelia and an Asian pear! (because they are my favourite fruit at the moment) crisp and delicious sliced in salad or for breakfast) Some pretty cards arrived by hand and in the mail along with a generous book gift voucher from Sandra my friend in England, which I will use on the Amazon on-line site, once I decide which books to buy. Think I will have to look at some recommendations on my favourite blog sites :) Rhonda my neighbour gave me some cream tea light lanterns, great to use outdoors in the summer evenings.
My Mum and Dad sent a beautiful calendar by our photographer friend Richard du Toit, who really does take the most incredible wild life photographs. Craig would like to put it up in his office I suspect. Even my latest copy of Canadian Home and Country arrived on the 29th. The April issue is always one of my favourites as it makes me really look forward to Spring. Hard to imagine right now as I look at the snowy covered landscape. The article on Daffodils made me smile and I loved the French country decor images.

Craig informed me that it is only about 10 weeks until our first hummingbird is due to arrive. Always a special day which calls for the hanging baskets filled with beautiful blue trailing Lobelia and to start planting containers with lilac coloured pansies.
Possibly the most exciting thing this week for us all was the arrival of our new computer! The current one was well travelled and has had it's fair share of viruses over the years and has been working on super slow speed for some time as well as being highly temperamental. The new Dell machine is terrific with a wide screen and a built in web cam and speakers. I love it! I had my first go at 'skyping' with my little sister Heidi earlier today. We both seemed to struggle to get our act together with regards the sound, mind you she had consumed a few glasses of wine I believe :) Lip reading is not one of my talents, so we ended up typing to each other instead! It was nice to see her face though, it is over 7 years since I have seen her in person :( and I haven't even met my nephew Luc.
The arrival of the computer meant a furniture move around was called for. This is something I strangely really enjoy doing (being a neat freak). Our study now has a spare bed in it (for watching dvd's on the screen) and we have kept the old computer as a spare for school projects and photo downloads. My sewing room had a change around too while I was re-arranging things, so I get to look at the other side of the room for a change while sewing. Here is my latest little one:
Little Frankie the Daschund :)

I hope you all have a great week!
Hazel xx


  1. Glad you had a nice day with lovely presents. I wish we got birds in our yard, humming birds just sound so lovely. We are lucky if we get a seagull on the roof! Lobelia is a favourite of mine too. Dachshund so cute
    Lisa x

  2. So glad you had a fun filled Birthday, would love to see some photos of your rooms you have changed around. Have a good week! Oh & what a cute little dog.

  3. Oh Hazel! Wish tou a wonderful late birthday and hope you continue to walk on sunshine like you seem to do in your life, surrounded by friends and a loving family!

  4. Just extending the Birthday celebrations... Hope you had a wonderful day Hazel!

  5. Little Frankie is so ADORABLE!


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