August 15, 2007

Another trip to the lake

I started writing this blog yesterday, but wasn't really in the mood after a frustrating and tiring shopping trip with Jemma and Amber. We came home empty handed with not a single 'back to school' item of clothing. (How I miss the simplicity of a school uniform). They are both young ladies now, Jemma was also searching for her first pair of high heels (not that surprising at age 16) I remember my first pair so well all those years ago and also just a UK size 3!
Anyway that was yesterday and I am sure the next trip to the mall will be more successful. Perhaps we will have to go further afield to the City of Halifax where there is more choice.
Today I woke up early to blue skies, went for a walk up the mountain and picked a whole punnet of blackberries for our breakfast. Once home I made a packed a picnic lunch for us three girls whilst doing Craig's sandwiches for work. We headed up to the local lake at about 10am where we all enjoyed a swim. It was amazingly quiet considering that it was a hot morning. We had a fun time chatting and I even managed to catch up on some sewing for two orders I have in my etsy shop, one to the US and one to Australia. At about 2.30 a bus load of small children arrived which prompted us to head home before we got invaded by buckets and spades! Looks like they have the whole beach to themselves!

Adding the finishing touches to a tiny kitten!
Decorating the study has been on stand-by for a couple of days while the floor paint settles and tomorrow I will begin preparing to paint the walls. The colour is going to be a very pale Robin's egg blue which should cover up the grey nicely.
Craig loved all his birthday presents at the beginning of the week, especially this very smart notice board and coordinating note books made by the girls for his new office. Just a quick note to my sister Heidi if she reads this, the French beauty products sent as a gift for the girls are a 'huge' hit. They can be found cleansing and moisturising together in the bathroom each evening before bed, so thank you very much xx.
Still no sign of Jemma's laptop (her 16th birthday present) there have been manufacturing delays :( The suspense is killing us.
Well It was nice to hop on the keypad quickly before my dear hubby comes home for dinner and the girls get back from a photo shoot in the orchard..... I will download some of them on my flickr (see top right of this blog).
Hazel x.


  1. You have a relaxing and vivid decorating taste. I like it.

    You are living in a beauuuutiful place, so lucky of you.

    If you want to see some photos of Turkiye, you can visit my blog. I and my hubby :) were on a trip last week. We saw 5 different places, climbed up the mountains, swam in a mountain lake -cold- and shopped for olive oil.

    The best olive oil of the world is produced here,in Turkey. If you want, I can send you. But I don't know if it brokes during shipment.

    Take care.

  2. What a wonderful lake, and way to spend a relaxing summer's day.

  3. Your posts are such fun. This is my first time reading but I will surely be back.
    Keep on bloggin :)

  4. The day at the lake looks superb! Living in Scotland you don't get many opportunities for outdoor swimming (and certainly not this year) and it is one of my favourite things! No trips to sunny climes for me yet!! And I think late September in Colorado may not be the best for outdoor swimming!!


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