August 09, 2007

Painting the study

This week I decided to revamp the study! The nasty bottle green carpet has been driving me potty for two years it is one of those acrylic carpets that really attracts every tiny bit of cotton, fluff, hair etc, which means it needs to be vacuumed almost every day. Also it is (sorry was) the only remaining room in our house with a carpet in it.

Anyway the carpet came up, along with the stubborn under felt which had been nailed to the floor with about a thousand staples! Nothing that a screwdriver, pair of pliers and crowbar couldn't handle. The whole thing got rolled up and hurled out of the window - good riddance I say :D
Before starting on the wooden floor I decided to paint the trim, I donned my trusty painting shirt and coated the skirting boards, window and door frames in brilliant white. The pale grey walls will be just fine with a bit of a scrub to brighten them up. The trim had been painted in the same colour so there was no definition. It looked as though someone had let a paint bomb explode into the room (like in the funny Mr Bean sketch) Today the floor needs a quick sanding before filling in all the tiny holes ready for painting.
This week the rain finally arrived and the garden is happy, as it was starting to turn ever so slightly brown with the intense sunshine for about 5 or 6 days in a row.
Craig is very busy this week and is now quite immersed in the 'poultry' business, finalising the annual budget for the company. His birthday is coming up so the girls have been busy working on his 'present', which is traditionally something hand made by them.
Jemma and Amber are off to a party next door tomorrow, a possible sleepover in tents too and much giggling I am sure as there will be about a dozen girls there for Laura's 16th birthday party.
The grown ups will no doubt be here during the early evening escaping the noise and having our own little get together just a stones throw away.
The initial facebook frenzy (mentioned in my last post) has died down somewhat. I tried in vain to contact friends either old or new, only to discover that every name I typed in was not registered! Added to the fact that most of my childhood school or college friends would have undoubtedly changed their surnames, as I have done it isn't really surprising.
Oh well, no harm in it remaining dormant for a while, maybe someone will find me instead :)
Hazel x


  1. Hi Hazel! You are faster than me. I will redo my new room as well - have the same ugly-carpet-problem. I can't wait to get started but unfortunately this is not on top of the to-do-list. i am sure your new room will look great! Such a pity you are so far away. Would ove to meet for tea...

  2. You've been tagged!
    Check it out


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