September 15, 2011

Window Inspiration

A few weeks have gone by since I wrote this Blog Post introducing Silk Secret.  Whilst my new venture hasn't broken any records it has been ticking along steadily and with the Blossom Hill shop of little hand sewn animals in tandem it keeps me busy creating, sourcing new materials and vintage finds, photographing, listing and getting things wrapped up and in the mail to various destinations around the world.  
I admire other regular bloggers such as my friend Katherine who's blog Secret's of a Butterfly never ceases to amaze me with her endless stream of diverse and beautiful images and words, so skillfully put together in such a creative way.  My biggest downfall with blogging is that I tend to go off on a tangent aka 'surfing'.  Trying to concentrate on the reason I came on the computer in the first place seems to be something I rarely achieve and then I end up feeling terribly guilty and non-productive.  
I will be putting more interior decorating inspiration in my posts.  This week I have decided to focus on Windows.  I love unusual and beautiful windows, they can really change a room and are such a focal point, the ones below appealed to me the most in my search among so many images on flickr today.  All quite different but equally impressive.

Living Room with Arched Windows and Tall Ceilings

mom and dads house

Pauline looking out of round window
Just wanted to share these with you.


  1. Thankyou for sharing these beautiful "window inspirations" Hazel. My favourite is the second one, the garden room.

  2. I like the second window, Hazel! A place with much windows looks very welcoming and inviting due to the light and sense of space it brings. A home without a window is just too gloomy and unhealthy, as there won't have any fresh air getting inside.
    ( Joann Winton @


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