May 19, 2010

Tweet Tweet....

I haven't gone over to tweeting on Twitter (not yet anyway). With my blog, Etsy, flickr, skype, msn and facebook, I think I have enough to keep up with!! The twittering here is to announce that our dear little hummingbirds have arrived for the summer - yay!! So far just one bedraggled looking male and a rather sprightly looking female! They appeared on schedule May 11th, and have been guzzling on the rich sugar nectar in the strawberry feeder pretty much constantly. Yesterday I went out and bought the customary hanging baskets full of blue trailing lobelia which our wee feathered friends also enjoy feasting upon
Continuing on the same birdy subject, I had a request over the weekend from a lady in California to make 5 tiny felt ones for her daughter. I decided to add a little extra touch to the Cardinal, so he sports a little Mohican hairstyle (or crest) After making the basket liner for my car-basket last week I went on to make another one. Using a remnant of cream linen with a red 'toile de jouy' design. I have so many bits of fabric that I have collected over the years and never know quite what I am going to use them for until the time is right.Finishing off with something Craig said that gave me a lump in my throat.
He asked me 'not' to mow over the little patch of grass where we buried dear Archie under the tree in the garden. When I asked him why, he said he likes to carefully trim it with a pair of scissors because Archie was always scared of the Tractor Mower.

May 07, 2010

A Basket Case?

Hello again,
Ahhh the lovely month of May, which brings hope of warmer, longer days for us. The first veggies have been planted in our garden, just lettuce varieties so far and a few herbs. The leaves are on the trees and Craig has been out mowing and chasing away the raccoons in an attempt to stop them making a home in the barn again this year. Apart from some pesky black flies it is quite enjoyable to be able to get outdoors again. Hanging out my washing a couple of days ago I got bitten 12 times in about 10 minutes, so I really have to be careful. I seem to forget every year just how tasty I must be to them!!!
Indoors we have spent a few hours sorting through stuff for the Spring clean up next week and also items for a 'garage sale' at some point in June or July.
My topic today 'Basket Case'

You see I am rather attached to my shopping or picnic 'basket'. This is the place I throw all sorts of random paraphernalia which I like to carry with me in the car. My handbag (or purse as the locals refer to it) contains only money and one or two personal items. The rest belongs here where I can see everything clearly: The contents changes depending on my destination and time of year of course but it works for me and helps me remember the library book I need to return or a last minute shopping list.
Feeling a creative moment coming on yesterday I decided to get reacquainted with my sewing machine and have a go at making a basket liner. After measuring up and making a paper pattern I chose this fabric.Although I would have preferred a Cath Kidston design, the colours and print on this were almost as good and as it was my first attempt I really wasn't too fussy.Jemma has now been in China for over a week. Her first email was so upbeat and full of excitement as she told us of all the places she had been to visit in Beijing; The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, and the Summer Palace. She loves to shop and had visited an indoor silk market and pearl market where she had a go at bargaining which was a little scary but fun!! Sadly just before they left Beijing everyone ate at a restaurant in a dodgy part of town and she got really sick. She managed to email me from the field centre up in a remote village following a long overnight train journey to Xian and felt terrible. I have been so worried about her and was relieved to get another message this morning saying she was feeling better - phew! She suspects that the water she drank was not bottled as she had been told, a few fellow students also got affected. With very little computer access at the station and no other means of contact, you can imagine how my mind was running away with me for a few days.
Amber is in Halifax at the moment, staying at Dalhousie University for a drama fest, so things are pretty quiet at home.
I promised myself to keep my posts shorter. So, until next week...

ps. If anyone knows why I am getting random line spaces in this post, please enlighten me.