November 21, 2010

Sitting Pretty

Craig was so clever to spot this rather neglected piece of furniture tossed out by the side of the road awaiting the fall clean up truck back in early October.  I admit I turned my nose up when I first saw it.  However, upon closer examination we discovered that there was really nothing wrong with it at all and I knew it was a perfect candidate for a make over.  

Our own kitchen table at that time, although lovely it was barely large enough for four adults to sit around comfortably without banging elbows and no room for condiments or napkins. During the winter time we seldom use the big dining table and tend to eat most meals in the kitchen.
I have always fancied a round table in my kitchen, but it wasn't high on our list of requirements for the house.  Still, always keen for a paint project challenge we sanded it down and I gave it a couple of coats of oil based gloss paint. 
Once the paint was dry, a hunt around the house for four white chairs to go with it and voila!  My new kitchen dining area is complete.


  1. What a great job you have made renovating that table and well done to Craig, spotting it.

  2. What a great find and it's just perfect paired with your white chairs! I'm sure you'll enjoy your winter meals around your beautiful "new" table. I've enjoyed my first visit to your lovely blog. I especially like the white furniture with splashes of pink accessories. It all looks so cozy and homey.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine


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