October 06, 2010

October is here!

I really should have come up with a better title I suppose, rather than just stating the obvious!
I'm keeping it simple this week with a few little 'makes' and 'finds'
A retail therapy trip down to my local thrift store over the weekend with Amber, we found a few treasures:
Amber spotted this adorable dress by Zara for only $4.50. In perfect condition and in her size! It was a little too long, so I chopped off 14cm's and hemmed it.

My finds were a super soft merino wool sweater by Gap in a warm oatmeal colour and this 100% heavy cotton sheet, washed and ironed all ready to turn into a table cloth. The rest of it can go in my fabric collection.

While busy on the sewing machine I made more bunting, a couple of elephants, an owl called Oliver and a few more pocket pets for my Etsy shop.

Browsing through the many many other etsy shops (of which there are soooooo many since the early days when I joined the site) I found some lovely items for sale here:

There are so many I could list, but after browsing the treasury collections I started to feel terribly guilty and overwhelmed by the huge choice in Etsy land. So I made myself some tea and got back to some felt cutting :)


  1. I love my dress! Thanks for turning it up for me :)
    I really like that etsy clothing site, very stylish! Your posts are always lovely to read. xo

  2. Thank you sweetheart xx

  3. Lots of gorgeousness Hazel x

  4. such a cute little owl!!! precious

    xoxo BB

  5. i love great finds!
    i hope you have a wonderful weekend...


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