December 08, 2009

Amber in Wonderland!!

What a whirlwind of a week it was for Amber!
After many hours of rehearsing and learning over 300 lines opening night was on Thursday.
The West Kings High School production of Alice in Wonderland was a huge hit. With 6 performances in total. The make up and costumes were wonderful.

The children played their characters perfectly and it was a thoroughly entertaining production. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Three young stars after the final performance on Saturday
Craig, Jemma, Brian and I went along to watch the finale on Saturday and were a very proud family :)
After Alice in Wonderland we woke the next morning to find that a Winter Wonderland had descended upon us! Somewhere between 10 and 15cm's of snow had fallen during the night and covered everything in a thick layer of the white powdery stuff! Jemma and Brian left for the City later than planned as they had to wait for the roads to be ploughed first, being a Sunday nobody was in a hurry. Today and yesterday the sun has been shining making the snow glitter like millions of tiny diamonds and it looks very pretty. The fire is constantly stoked now adding to the cosy pre-Christmas atmosphere.
Amber had her 16th Birthday on December 1st, because it was a dress rehearsal that day, she was at school until 9.30pm. I suggested she go into school a little later in the morning so she could catch up on some much needed rest and we decorated the Christmas tree together. Sweet 16!!
This week it's preparation time for her postponed birthday party. Eleven of Amber's girl friends will be arriving on Sunday to celebrate. I'm not quite sure where Craig and I are going to hide? At 16 they won't need much supervision, just plenty of food, drinks, music and freedom to giggle for hours on end!!
Some less happy news is that my Mum and Dad had another break in at their home outside Johannesburg very recently. Luckily they were not harmed, just pretty shaken up by the whole ordeal. The thieves took off with a TV and a few other smaller items. They knocked some photos off the wall which woke my Dad, who went to see what the noise was (not a wise move). Thank goodness the baddies scarpered before he discovered the break in and sounded the alarm. Now a special metal security gate has been fitted to their bedroom door so they can lock themselves in at night. Several perimeter beams have been installed in the garden and some ugly but necessary razor wire! At least they feel much safer now and can relax in their own home.
I can clearly remember how frightened I used to feel when we lived in South Africa for a couple of years when the girls were toddlers. It has become a way of life there, panic buttons, alarms, security gates and razor wire are all deemed necessary unless you are living in a gated community where armed guards protect the residents and their properties at all times. A high price to pay for what is considered an affluent lifestyle and perfect climate. I think I'll just be content with the long winters and rely on the internet and telephone to keep in touch with my family so far away. I do miss them, especially at Christmas :(
Brrrrr, time to put another log on the fire!!
Hazel x


  1. so lucky to have fluffy stuff outside.

  2. Hi! I've been following your blog for a while, and thought I would say hello. I hope that you will put some christmas pictures up!


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