July 19, 2009

Soccer Season

I am so pleased that Amber is enjoying her very first soccer season, after joining the Greenwood team this summer. She was somewhat nervous and aprehensive, as most (possibly all) of the other team members have been playing for quite a few years and are familiar with the techniques, moves and soccer lingo. Trying her very best to be accepted she has managed to attend every practice, game and tournament so far, come rain or shine. This morning the heavens opened up and a heavy tropical like downpour soaked everyone to the skin in the middle of a tournament game. While I made a run for the shelter of the car, the players had to keep going until the end of the game.
I have been trying to capture her on the field amongst her team, while playing, but my camera is not very good at the combination of distance and action shots! Hence Craig took these of her practicing in the back garden the other day.
Amber kindly reciprocated by capturing her Daddy and his ehhhhh....... BBQ/Dance skills??!!!
Craig has been able to offer a few soccer training tips, although rugby was more his choice of sport as a youngster he has been quite happy to kick a ball around with his daughter.
With the continuing soccer activities as well as Jemma's university preparations I have decided to give up my part time job at Wheaton's. My current number of hours are ok right now, but once we hit late July there will be more demand for us to work all day Saturday and Friday evenings, often the precise and rare time I get to spend with Craig and the girls. It was a decision I thought long and hard about and have decided it will be for the best.
I shall miss my colleagues and friends, but hope to stay in touch with them as they do all live close by. In fact this week some of us got together after work for very pleasant 'high tea' at Terri's tea room.
Not sure whether I shall hit my Etsy home business with gusto yet, but I do have a few ideas brewing and am looking forward to getting in touch with my creative side again after neglecting it for the past year.
Hazel x


  1. Good on Amber for enjoying the soccer so much and nice of dad to give a few tips! Will email you in a day or two - K x

  2. Bend it like Beckham Amber.


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