January 04, 2009


I hope that 2009 brings all my friends and family good health and happiness.
I can hardly believe how quickly 2008 went by. They say that time goes by much faster the older you get and how true that has been for Craig and I over the past 12 months.
Taking down the Christmas decorations and packing them away for another year is something that I usually do alone and I find it a little sad I admit. This year I asked the girls if they would help me as they were at home and we had a chuckle at some of their hand made ones from years ago like the gold 'reindeer and sleigh', a masterpiece of margarine tubs and paper mache, carefully copied from the English Children's TV program Blue Peter, as well as a few hand sewn creations too.
We have closed off the front room for the remaining winter months making it feel much cosier and warm in the family room adjoining the kitchen. Craig also surprised me by painting the front hallway one afternoon before I came home from work. I had been procrastinating for the longest time, always finding an excuse to delay it even though I am usually quite happy to have a paint brush in my hand. The mustard yellow has now been painted a Dulux shade called 'combed cotton'.
Things will return back to normal tomorrow when school resumes after the 2 week holiday. Everyone up at 6am, packed lunches, fighting over the hairdryer and a mad rush to get out the door and on board the school bus by 12 minutes past 7!!
This coming Saturday it will be exactly 20 years since Craig and I met each other! We celebrate it as our anniversary every year, instead of our wedding date which is sometime in June. As I am scheduled to be working on the 10th Craig took me out for lunch at a new restaurant called 'The Tempest' a week early. The lunch was delicious and I was particularly impressed by the little 'towel pods' found in the washroom. As I had my camera in my purse I took a quick snap of them!Hazel x


  1. love the red office - so powerful!!!
    another year another day another hour - thats what \i say. lets just enjoy everyday - you know - you my sis - i love you and miss you - wish we could just be together for a real chat, one on one not blog to blog.

  2. Lovely photos of you both :oD
    Happy 20th "Anniversary" for Saturday!
    "The Tempest" looks like a lovely Restaurant, and the menus great. Authentic Spanish tapas too!:o)
    Loving those little towel pods as well!

    Nice surprise Craig, painting the hall! Bet you were thrilled Hazel.

    Hope the girls first few days back at school went well, and the New Year is a good one for us all.

    Much love
    xx xx

  3. Happy Anniversary Hazel !!
    Can't believe it's already 20 years, I remember it as if it was last year!
    LOVE the little hand towel idea in the restaurant bathroom, very chic and very clever :)
    Please can we see some photo's of the new colour in your hallway, what a good man that husband of yours is :)
    Take care, Hazel
    Love to you all,
    Kathy xxx

  4. happy new year & happy anniversary!

  5. Happy New Year to all of you Hazel and best wishes for 2009. Hope the girls enjoyed their return to school - what an early start!
    Happy Anniversry to you both - Ian and I celebrate our 25th this May.


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