May 07, 2008

It's trailing blue lobelia time of year :)

It was such a lovely weekend that my blog post was once again put 'on hold' for a few days. Craig kindly brought home two hanging baskets with pretty blue trailing Lobelia flowers. They have become a summer tradition and are to be hung on the side veranda, along with the white pots full of purple and lilac pansies. The flowers seem to flourish all summer long and we enjoy them almost as much as the humming birds do. Incidentally, the little ruby throated hummingbirds are due to arrive next week. We are prepared and have even bought another feeder in anticipation of their hunger after such a long flight all the way from Mexico!
I diverged a little from my usual painting of furniture this week (OK I did give a small side table the robin's egg blue treatment). This time instead of painting I 'covered' a couple of old wing back chairs. They had been left behind when we bought the house. No longer wanting to look at (in my opinion) ugly blue velour fabric I had moved them into the basement (much to Craig's horror when he came home from work) a few months ago. This gave the parlour a 'spacious airy feel'. Perhaps 'sparse' was a better description? But, after finding some new cream cotton slip covers on 'e-bay' they have now had a facelift and the chairs are back where they belong. They are very comfy and make excellent reading chairs. After trying out my newly acquired 100% wool felt, by sewing a couple of animals, I found it wonderful to work with. Quite pricey compared to my wool-mix felt and not such a large selection of colours. I ordered some small squares in brown, cream and honey. I will be sewing a selection to list in my shop when the demand is higher during the Autumn months. Here is a tiny honey bear!
Amber had a tiring day last Sunday when she took part, along with a few friends, in her 'trial' Duke of Edinburgh Award - hiking trip. This was to prepare them for the real thing in June. She was loaded up with a 35lb back pack, plenty of water, medical supplies, granola bars, sleeping bag etc. The day was hot and even though they were in forest for a good part of the 5 hour walk, it was exhausting. She seemed pretty good once home and only a tiny bit cranky and tired. She was even able to take part in track and field events the next day (oh to have such stamina!)
You may remember that I received an Amazon gift certificate for my birthday back in February from my friend Sandra. I have known Sandra since I stayed in her London home as a lodger, back in 1988! Well, ever the procrastinator when it comes to buying stuff for myself I have hemmed and hawed over what to treat myself to. Not wanting to buy a novel, that I could just borrow from the library, I decided on some carefully chosen home and craft books :) I am awaiting their arrival, but here they are: I spotted a couple of them on other peoples blogs where they got good reviews.
Easy Cottage Style A nice coffee table book to browse through!
Sew Pretty Homestyle Eager to get my mitts on this one for inspiration :)
Sublime Stitching Something I haven't really tried before, but always fancied having a go at some contemporary embroidery designs. Today is cooler, after a string of warm pleasant days, there are so many things I have been able to do 'outside' my imagination has been running on overtime (no lewd comments please) Ironing, cutting out felt, recycling old tee shirts with pinking shears to make great cleaning cloths, scrubbing sneakers, washing the car inside and out, painting (of course). I could go on ....
This weekend Craig and I plan on doing a spot of yard sale hunting, always on the look out for a piece of furniture that needs some TLC.
Hazel xx


  1. I have been hanging out for this blog all week and I get to make the first comment! Books you have ordered sound fab - I am a real sucker for anything to do with cottage or retro style. Another thing we have in common - I also recycle old t-shirts with my pinking shears.x

  2. Hi Hazel, your hanging baskets of lobelia look gorgeous...oh the colours of spring :)
    Love the new honeybear, too <3
    You are so inspiring, getting so much done around the house and garden! Like one of those energiser bunnies :) Where do you get the energy?!?

    Kathy x

  3. Busy Busy Lady - love the little bear, hugs XOXO

  4. Love the lobelia, so beautiful, great photo too. We are envious of your, soon to arrive, humming birds, such little darlings.
    Well done to Amber for completing the hike. She obviously gets her energy from her Mum.
    Super cute little Honey Bear! You are a very talented girlie. Enjoy the weekend. xx

  5. Hi! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog and for the link. Your blog is beautiful! You have such a soft, easy, pretty style. Enjoy your books! We (my daughter and I) have the Sublime Stitching book. It's so fun!

  6. Your porch must look pretty with all those shades of purple :o) I love the quilt on the front of 'easy cottage style'. I think you made good book choices!! Take care & good job with being so productive! It's nice being busy.


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