January 29, 2008

Putting things in perspective

Yes I do believe I was feeling a little blue when writing my last blog post, now I feel guilty, as I don't have much to moan about really. An email from a friend, who I have known since the age of 18 really put things into perspective last week, she had received some very sad personal news. My thoughts are with her and I am seriously making an effort to have a more positive attitude to my life without complaining about the winter time, after all we did choose to come and live in Canada!!
Of course after also saying how quiet my shop was it did pick up and since then I have sold another 40 animals. This has meant that I have been busy snipping and stitching whilst semi-hibernating in my sewing haven with Archie and my IPod for company. My newest design is this little Australian fellow who I decided to name Oliver.
Jemma is in the midst of her exams this week and is a little tetchy. Although she does have a sparkle in her eyes due to her new Japanese friend, Tak. They are now officially 'boyfriend/girlfriend'. This means a new chapter has opened in my role as a Mum/parent and I am trying my best to be understanding and not too 'controlling' with regard to house rules during their time spent together.
Craig returned from Atlanta and has decided he most definitely does not miss the big City at all, the pollution was thick and everyone was in a rush and quite rude and unhelpful.
Having been feeling a tad nostalgic again of late I managed to get the girls together one evening and watch a 'chick flick', as Craig was away. The three of us snuggled up on the sofa with the dvd The Nanny Diaries, with Scarlett Johansson . It was funny and took me way back to the days I spent as a Nanny myself, in Norway aged just 18. The lady I worked for had me cleaning windows, cooking meals and even ironing her knickers! As well as taking care of her two 'adorable' little boys!
First day in my new job, looking a little nervous I think.
Still I was glad of the experience and opportunity to learn a language. I fell in love with the country and after finishing college was able to work in the oil industry for another 6 years. By my early 20's I was the proud owner of my first car, an old style VW Beetle, which I loved. Not too sure about the 'big' hair or those white slouch boots though!!
Oh the 80's fashion!
Hazel xx


  1. hi hazel,it was fun seeing your old snaps,you looked great in your 80's fashion,you must've been very cool at the time :)
    i love vw beetles and camper vans.
    good luck to J in her exams,and i love the little koala,kat xx

  2. Love the pics from your past Hazel. You look so young in the first one and so glamourous in the second one.


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