September 22, 2007

Turning Leaves

Taken yesterday morning
The leaves are slowly turning orange and red and our wood is finally stacked under cover, mostly in the garage, but a few logs down in the basement in case we get snowed in or are just feeling extra lazy!
The blueberry season is almost finished, all four of us went for our last 'pick your own' earlier in the week and ate ourselves silly at the same time (a hazard or perk of picking your own, depending one how your tummy feels afterwards) I have frozen batches of them in plastic bags to use in home made muffins or to eat with cereal in the mornings. Today Craig and I decided to get out of the house early, being a Saturday we now appreciate our time together so much more. We left the girls sleeping and headed out to visit the pretty University town of Wolfville where we browsed around the Organic farmers market. The stalls are quite diverse and the atmosphere festive, as there was a live band playing. We bought a few bits and bobs and then called in at the Gaspereau Vineyards .
I am happy and relieved to hear this morning that my sister Heidi is back home safe and well, after holidaying in Malaysia for 3 weeks with her family. During their stay there was an earthquake, tidal wave and even a plane crash at the local airport!! She has been able to send messages to us on face-book, so we knew they were fine. Some new things in my Etsy Shop this week just to add a bit of variety, a little sewing tray and another bird mobile in pink and green. I am working on some new patterns for animals too, possibly a pony (as a special request).
I wanted to include this picture of my pantry. Craig brought some funny 'reject' shaped eggs from work, they range from perfectly round little golf ball shapes to double yoked ones the size of avocado's!
Tonight we are visiting our friends Greg and Tina up at the lake for dinner.
Quick Monday update: We had a lovely time at our friends on Saturday. Tina rustled up one of the best salads ever which included baby spinach leaves, peaches, grapes and toasted almonds, the dressing was a secret recipe, which I must try to get from her next time :) We also shared a bottle of 'Bend in the River' wine alternated with glasses of elderflower juice.
Craig is busy right now building a car-port for his Matrix to keep it protected when the rain and snow arrives. Better go and make him another cup of tea!



  1. Hi Hazel ~ well where do I start?
    Firstly wanted to say that your home decorating is so beautiful, and your style is really lovely!
    Your pantry is fab, and all your photos a treat.
    Have a terrific weekend xo Kali
    p.s. Love visiting.


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