September 08, 2007

Back to Normality :)

My goodness, so many days have gone by since I last posted on my blog! We have been 'without computer' for over a week after a nasty virus attacked our home computer, destroying all the USB ports and eating up quite a bit of information stored on the hard drive. I was able to borrow a laptop from Craig's office, but with four of us sharing it and without my etsy photos etc. it was not ideal, so my sites have been neglected. However I am now back on line and appreciating it so much more having not had access for what seems like a very long time! The final days of the school holidays had us all running around doing last minute preparations and also trying to cram in more fun stuff while the sun was shining and the days still pretty long.
School started last Wednesday for both Jemma and Amber and the first three days went well, both are familiar with the schools, teachers, students and general routines, so not too stressfull for them. I have tried to keep very busy so I don't miss them 'too' much, so before I know it Jemma is home at 2.30pm, we have a drink and snack while she tells me all about her day. Amber comes home later at 4pm, usually quite tired but always manages to perk up at around 7pm (a real night owl!)
During the holidays Amber developed a keen interest in cooking! (no complaints from me), in fact lots of encouragement as she whipped up various tasty pasta dishes and salads for us all!
Jemma sent in her first 5 page assignment last week over the internet for the AP biology course she is taking this semester and is looking forward to meeting her teacher and other students from different schools in person. She has already got together with the other student at her school who is doing the same course and they have been given some nice privileges during their study time.

The home decorating projects finally came to an end. Once the study was decorated we continued into the adjoining filing room and both rooms became Jemma's new bedroom/study. Cream painted floorboards and oatmeal walls for Jem.
Anyone who has two daughters (especially teenagers quite close in age) will know that as parents you have to be fair (well most of the time if possible) So, when Amber saw how lovely and stylish Jemma's new bedroom was.... Alas the pretty sorbet pink is no more! Replaced instead with a soft creamy coffee colour, much more suited to a 13 year old.
Cafe au lait walls for Amber
The Inspiron Notebook finally arrived yesterday, after several delays it actually turned up sooner than the final date Dell had predicted after all! It is a wonderful piece of technology that Jemma will no doubt find very useful over the next few years.
Jemma's stylish new Inspiron Notebook in 'Spring Green'
Etsy has been fairly hectic for me this week and my poor fingers have taken strain with all the hand sewing of tiny animals, an order of 15 for one lady which needed to be done in a couple of days for a birthday party! Then another 11 animal order at the same time, but with less urgency.
The animals came in two by two!
I am so grateful for my little online shop, which is now almost empty again, so I know what I will be doing to keep myself out of mischief over the coming weeks :D
Hazel xx


  1. Poor you with no computer! I understand completely because I was without the internet (which is crucial for my work) for 7 days until it was finally fixed last Tuesday - Very frustrating...

    The girls rooms and colour combinations look so great. Hazel your decor choices are so inspiring and I love seeing the photos of all your projects. :)

  2. The new rooms are wonderful! I now have only oatmeal on my mind...
    The cafe au lait is also our choice for the new living and hall - it is so soothing and warm and elegant and and and...
    I love your house and the way you decorate it. Wish I could come over for a chat and for some inspiration! you can see happy family life in all the corners!

  3. Wow, Amber and Jemma are very lucky for having a mum like you. Your decoration style is very romantic and reminds me of French country style. -which indeen I like a lot.

    I have a suggestion for Amber's room. The cafe au lait is a perfect and elegant colour. However, as I learned from a Chemistry professor, the energy of brown-like colours may be overwhelming and boring during time. If brown is completed with blue, then this negative energy is broken. Using blue accesorries like a blue rug, or blue bedding might be a good idea.

    Wish you a successful semester.

    Love and kisses xxx.

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  5. Oops sorry about the previous post, I should check my spelling before hitting any buttons. Anyway, good to have you back, I was wondering where you had gone.


  6. WOW!!! The girls rooms look fantastic. Great to have you back blogging again.
    Take care
    Kathy x
    PS: your photo's are always beautiful...talented in so many ways!


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