July 29, 2014

Goodbye blogspot and welcome to my new Website!!

I am currently working on building a new Website which you can find here:


I hope to see you there soon


  1. Woohoo Hazel, the new website looks fantastic - I'll be following!

  2. Wow, congratulations on the new website, Hazel! It looks amazing! It’s very well done, organized, and showcases your products nicely. Speaking of which, I really love the baby mobiles you make. They’re really cute and adorable. Well that being said, I wish you and the business all the best!

    Juanita Hale @ trafficconemarketing

  3. Your new website is not just informative, it is also fantastic in appearance. The design is such an appetizer, which made me want to linger in there and enjoy touring the site. Visiting your website is a total blast. Thanks for sharing that, Hazel! Kudos and more power to you!

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO


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